International Homestay Agency-Chico (referred to as 'The Agency') is an independent agency specializing in the placement of International students, school dignitaries, visitors, technical and professional business people from around the globe visiting the Northern California Chico area for purposes related to higher education institutions, seminars and other programs with a living experience in local family residences (referred as ‘homestay’), while they advance their English language skills or other educational resources available in our community.

Working closely with local families, businesses, partner agencies and private parties, we specialize in facilitating a smooth, seamless transition for living arrangements with local Chico families. This experience of living with a local American family will be an unforgettable, enjoyable experience, all the while developing a ‘home’ environment of comfort, security, and relationship-building that will be conducive to educational and cultural development and advancement.

The Agency also offers special short-term homestay programs for students, student groups, or professional individuals interested in experiencing life in the United States in a family environment. Specific educational and language programs are arranged at various educational institutions to meet the needs of business, technical, or educational/school groups. These special short-term programs are very popular in the late winter/early spring and in the summer months.

The Agency staff wish to extend our warmest greetings and welcome you to the Northern California experience that will enrich your lives and build long and lasting international relationships, as well as fond, life-long memories.